GSA Auctions Computer Equipment and Accessories Update


03/09/2023 06:08 PM EST

CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: PA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-16-2023 05:08 PM CT.

  One lot consisting of Qty 2 CANON CALCULATOR Canon CP1200D Calculator SN#20067327 Canon CP1200D Calculator SN#20067330 CP1200D. Usable 1531F830440003

03/09/2023 05:58 PM EST

CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: PA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-16-2023 04:58 PM CT.

  One CASIO CALCULATOR Casio DL-270B Calculator SN#Q2035476 DL-270B. Usable 1531F830440002

03/09/2023 05:48 PM EST

CURRENT BID: $50    STATE: PA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-16-2023 04:48 PM CT.

  One lot consisting of Qty 1COMPUTER LCD Epson LCD Projector SN#F3HG460007F LCD. Usable 1531F830440001

03/08/2023 03:10 PM EST

CURRENT BID: $50    STATE: CA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-20-2023 02:10 PM CT.

MISC. PROPERTY, 1 Lot of 27-line items including: ADPE, electrical & electronic equipment, telephone & telegraph equipment. Please click on link entitled List of Available Items spreadsheet located in the Additional Documents section below. (ECN:2369262 & 1179206)(809103 2179 #0003, 0005, 0010, 0013, 0014, 0019, 0022, 0023, 0026, 0033 & 0034; -2180 #0029 & 0030; -2200 #0002; -2231 #0014; -2234 #0005 & 0006; -2249 #0004-0006; -2249 #0013 & 0014; -2263 #0002; -2264 #0011; -2334 #0008 & -2335 #0014) IMPORTANT NOTICE TO BIDDERS: This is a LARGE lot!! Inspection is encouraged and strongly recommended. Items are SOLD AS IS. Parts may be missing, and repairs may be required. Condition of property is not warranted. Deficiencies, when known, have been indicated in the property descriptions. However, absence of any indicated deficiencies does not mean that none exists. Therefore, the bidder should ascertain the condition of the item through physical inspection. Please review the Inspection of Property clause in the online Terms and Conditions prior to placing a bid!! NOTE #1: All bidders/purchasers must have a visitors pass. You MUST set a FIRM date for inspection & removal. It generally requires 72-hours for clearance before your name is placed on a list and held at the Gate. If your name is not on the list, you will be denied entry. Missing your appointment may result in difficulties when trying to gain access at a later time. Inspection & removal are allowed between the hours of 7:00AM and 3:00PM only. Bidders/purchasers are reminded that property must be removed within 10 days of award. NOTE #2: Successful bidders are cautioned that they are responsible for packing, loading and removing any and all property awarded to them from the exact place where the property located, as indicated on the item description page for each item that they purchased on the GSAAuctions website. They will make all necessary arrangements and perform all work necessary to effect removal of the property. Custodian will not provide equipment or personnel, or assist with moving and loading of property at the time of removal. NOTE #3: Photographs may not depict an exact representation of the item(s) offered and should not be relied upon in place of written item descriptions.